This section allows you to changed various options relating to the logging of your conversations on IRC.


Automatically log...

This turns on automatic logging for all channel and/or chat windows.


Reload logs...

This turns on automatic reloading of logs whenever a channel and/or chat window is opened.


Lock log files

If this switch is turned off and your log files are being saved properly then you should leave it turned off, otherwise turn it on.


Trim log files

This option limits the size of your log files to the specified size, each time they grow beyond this maximum the oldest part of the log at the top of the file is trimmed off so that the most recent part remains.


Timestamp logs

If this option is enabled all lines in a log file are timestamped using the format found in $asctime().


Strip codes

This makes mIRC strip any Bold, Underline, Reverse, or Color control codes from text that is being logged to a file.


Line colors

This prefixes the line being logged with actual line color if necessary.


Include network

If turned on, the name of irc network is included in the log filename.


If you enable the make folder option, a separate logs folder is created for each unique network that you use.


Date filenames

This makes mIRC create filenames which are prefix with the current date to allow you to organize your logs by date.


You can choose to have filenames dated by day, week, or month. If dated by week, log files begin on days 1, 7, 14, and 21, and if dated by month, they begin on day 1 of that month.


Channel log files dated by day are closed at 12am and re-opened with the new date.


If you turn on the except status switch, the status window will not have its logfiles dated.


Logs and Buffer saves folder

The folder in which all log files and buffer saves are stored.